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An Expressionist without angst, Chuck Connelly paints with infectious exuberance. Mr. Connelly has a penchant for wild allegorical narratives, and there's a fine example in this exhibition, a picture of Noah's Ark breaking up in a storm with little animals spilling out everywhere, reflecting, perhaps, on the catastrophic events of last year. But the best parts of the exhibition are pictures having to do with the artist's recent move to Philadelphia. In these, headlong painterly urgency animates the homey facts of his new neighborhood: Victorian houses, jumbled backyards, verdant foliage and explosive flowers. A suite of four canvases extending over 20 feet across the wall, each filled edge to edge with leaves, vines, grass and weeds, is like a conference call among van Gogh, Soutine and Pollock. read more >>mnh

<img alt="2013 memorial portraits of the children that died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting by the artist Chuck Connelly.  Individual paintings done in oil on canvas each with the name of the child scrawled across the lower part of the canvas under the image of the child are put together to form one large grid. " height="800" src="gallery/2013/2013%20001%20Children%20of%20Sandy%20Hook.jpg" width="664">

Memorial portraits of the children that died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting
done by the artist in 2013.


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The Art of Failure

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